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About River

Greg Reddicks

The inspiration for River, Greg has been a performing musician and composer for as long as he can remember. Longer, probably. With roots in performing the counter-culture folk and folk-rock of the 60's, Greg appeared throughout Southern California as a solo act before deciding that he had better put being a starving musician on hold for a while. River is the fruition of his dream of creating original music that also incorporates new sounds while combining the best of folk and jazz with the cutting edge of modern sound synthesis. The guiding direction for River is to minimize performing old standard pieces and to maximize performing their original music and original, unique arrangements.

George H. Green

George has been performing, writing, arranging and directing music also since his childhood. Although originally classically trained his interests have always focused on writing, exploring and performing the unlimited potential found in jazz. Greg and George had jammed together a couple of times each year for about 20 years, but starting in 2002 River represents the first time they have played together seriously. They quickly discovered that their complementary skills cover performing, arranging and writing in this new Fusion musical medium. Their uncanny ability to build on each other's creativity makes their music as fun and exciting as it is unique.